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The top 10 Attractions of Skopelos Island

1. Ai Giannis at Kastri (St. John at Kastri)

Ai Giannis at Kastri (St. John at Kastri) is an attraction that no one should miss when visiting Skopelos Island. The picturesque chapel was made famous by the wedding scene in the movie “Mamma Mia”. Just before reaching the village of Glossa, on your right hand side, you will see the road leading to Ai Giannis. The small church is located in the region of Kastri and stands on top of a huge rock surrounded by the sea. After parking your vehicle, you will get there by climbing about 110 steps carved into the rock. A small beach is formed right beneath the rock and it attracts quite a few bathers in the summer.

2. The Monastery of Agios Riginos (St. Riginos)

Outside of Chora Skopelos, 4 km SW, is the church of Agios Riginos, the patron Saint of Skopelos Island. There you will also see the tomb with the holy relics of the Saint who was martyred in the 4th century. The monastery was built in 1728 at the position of Saint’s grave. The locals rebuilt the church in 1960.   It is worth being there on February 24th and 25th to watch closely the religious events with litanies and the long procession of the holy relics of the Saint from the monastery through the streets of Chora Skopelos.

In addition to the monastery of Agios Riginos, it is worth visiting the monasteries of Timios Prodromos, of Agia Varvara, of Taxiarches and the monastery of Metamorfosi.

3. The Folklore Museum of Skopelos Island

Discover the rich cultural heritage of Skopelos Island. The Folklore Museum of Chora Skopelos is a fascinating window into the past of the island. Its collections include series of pictures, embroideries, paintings, ceramics, black and white photographs, traditional costumes, tools, carved wooden furniture, etc. It is housed in the “Vakratsa Mansion” in Chora Skopelos. In the vicinity of the Folklore Museum of Skopelos are our properties Rigas Hotel Skopelos and Pantelis Rooms Skopelos



4. Asklepieion of Skopelos Island

In ancient Greece, Asklepieia were healing temples dedicated to Asclepius, the first physician-demigod of Greek mythology. Asklepieio of Skopelos Island is one of the oldest in the Aegean Sea. Recent excavations have revealed a number of archaeological finds that are exhibited within the site.

5. The Northern Sporades National Marine Park

It is the largest protected marine area in Europe (approximately 2,260 Km²). The park is an important habitat for many species of fish (about 300), birds (about 80), reptiles and mammals. It is a safe haven for Monachus – Monachus seals, Caretta – Caretta turtles, dolphins and blowhole whales. In addition to the marine area, the Park includes the island of Alonissos, 6 smaller islands (Peristera, Kyra Panagia, Psathoura, Piperi, Skatzoura and Gioura) as well as 22 rocky islets.

6. Drakontoschisma (Dragon Rift) and Amarantos

According to legend, Agios Riginos (St. Riginos) saved Skopelos from a furious dragon after knocking it down a fissure in the mountain. The dragon fell into the abyss and died. Drakontoschisma is located between Stafylos beach and Amarantos. Access to the site is only possible from the sea.

The small Amarantos cape is the landmark of the island. It is a rock in the deep blue sea that connects to the land. The famous Amarantos pines stand proudly above it. These two bent pines have their own reputation, as under their branches couples from all over the world have exchanged vows of love, joining their lives in nature and against the backdrop of the endless blue, or have been there for their wedding photos. This natural setting is particularly romantic and idyllic.

7. Sentoukia (Chests)

Sentoukia are ancient pirate tombs that are carved into the rock. It is one of the most fascinating and enigmatic attractions of Skopelos Island. They are located at one of the highest points in Skopelos, on the Karya Hill.  There are four in total, each roughly 2.5 metres in length. Many stories are told about hidden treasures found on the cliff that reaches down to the sea.

8. Panormos and the famous beaches of Skopelos Island

Visit the beautiful Panormos Bay in Skopelos, awarded with the Blue Flag. Panormos is a large, sheltered bay with a sandy and pebbly coast and crystal clear waters. Our Blue Green Bay lodge is located in Panormos Bay.

As you very well know, Skopelos Island with its lacy coastline has many beautiful beaches, organized and not. We recommend the beaches of Velanio (for nudists), Stafylos , Agnontas, Limnonari, Hovolo, Milia, Kastani, Elios (Neo Klima), Armenopetra, Karkatzouna and Kalyves, Perivoliou, Ai Giannis at Kastri, Glysteri.

9. Chora Skopelos (Skopelos Town)

The Town of Skopelos is also known as Chora. Chora Skopelos impresses every visitor with its imposing characteristics and its small picturesque cobblestone streets, post-Byzantine churches, small museums and mansions! Chora has been declared a “Traditional Settlement” by Presidential Decree of 1978.

You’ll have to climb steps and cobblestones to discover the walls of the 13th-century Venetian Castle (Gizi Castle) and the quiet little squares with the Aegean Sea as a backdrop. In contrast to the peaceful neighborhoods located on the uplands of Chora, the area around the beach and the port shows intense activity. There is an organized marina for private pleasure boats, music taverns, restaurants, ouzos, patisseries, cafes, bars, bank, ATM and many commercial and tourist shops.

10. Glossa Skopelos

Glossa Skopelos is the island’s second largest settlement.  As you can see on the map of Skopelos Island, it is built on a hill 250 meters above the port of Loutraki. Glossa is also known as the balcony of Skopelos, offering impressive views of Skiathos Island and Pelion peninsula. Do not miss a visit to the Folklore Museum of Glossa.


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